Why You Should Preorder The Book

Did you know that even when authors sign contacts to become published, they are not guaranteed a forward or advanced pay? This is why you should preorder that book now!

Hello, that’s me right now! Your friendly local author who is more than over the moon about being published for the first time ever by an “OFFICIAL” fancy schmancy publishing company. Especially after reading that somewhere around only 1% of authors are actually ever traditionally published. It is a HUGE honor.

AND its a lot of work. Promoting. Blogging. Making sure your website looks great. Making sure your story is perfect. Making sure you keep up with social media. Being a decent human being, a pretty okay wife, and a loving mother…and the crazy lady who rescued WAY too many pets… especially when I’m not sure when I will start getting paid.

I, will of course, have help with so much of the advertising and marketing stuff when the time comes, but until then… I am your typical starving artist.

I paid for all the pretty pictures. I am paying for the website. I am paying for my editing software as I toy with future ideas… I am also homeschooling children with special needs and battling with PTSD and complicated grief. It’s a fulltime gig, this crazy artist/author life of mine.

And I know someone somewhere is reading this and thinking, “well you chose this life.” To which I will say I don’t have an answer that will make this type of person happy, so I’m not sure I should even waste my breath.

But honestly, we all have our own paths in life. And we all have to do what is best for ourselves. A lot of things I didn’t choose, led me to this choice of becoming an author and pursuing my art. It comes with its hardships, but it has provided me with the space I need to deal with life… so… yeah. I’m totally ok with who I am and the life I am working towards. I wish you well and hope you find that kind of peace for yourself. Love ya.

Back to the point.

Just because an author has a publishing deal, doesn’t mean they are swimming in money.

In fact, this is true with lots of musicians, actors, and other artists too.

It’s a tough life sometimes, and making a break is kind of a rarity. So when it happens, you should be jumping all over the chance to congratulate them and support their work!





It is a HUGE freaking deal and they have put in a LOT of work to get where they are. And it will most likely pay off for them in the long run, but the in-between is kind of scary, and not very lucrative.

Athletes go through this a lot too, but some of them are lucky enough to land sponsors who support them until they make it pro! So think of preordering a book like sponsoring your favorite upcoming author.

*Except, please don’t expect anything too athletic out of me just yet, unless it’s walking or yoga (which I don’t think there are sponsorships for???)

Okay, enough with the pep talk. I think I’ve made my point.

If you’ve gotten this far and still don’t want to rush out and preorder my upcoming book “The Legend of Roux-Dolph the Gumbo Pot,” then maybe take a good look at these pictures of my adorable children and pets who would much appreciate their mom being a best selling author someday!

So here’s the part where you click the link here   and preorder my upcoming book “The Legend of Roux-Dolph the Gumbo Pot!” 

You’ll thank yourself at Christmas time when it’s one less gift you have to think of for your favorite child, teacher, friend, daycare staff, Sunday school teachers, grandchildren, neighbor’s kid, etc. etc. 

PLUS, the first 500 copies preordered will be SIGNED by the author (that’s me!) and you’ll get a super neato little gift too 😉 


You can click on the photo of the book (the cover is under construction and may change slightly) to place your preorder.

Thank you always for your love and support.

Your favorite local author,

Kelly Airhart