What is Roux-Dolph?

I always get lots of laughs and smiles when people see Roux-Dolph on my hand towels at markets.

Some people will laugh when it takes them a moment to get the pun.

Some people get it right away, and I hear things like, “oh how cute,” and “I need this!”

Those, of course, are the things I love to hear!

Then, there are the very few who stop and say, “Oh how horrible!”

And the first time I heard this, it really threw me for a loop. I had never thought what they were thinking.

So, let’s just clear the air here, because I am a storyteller, and Roux-Dolph has a backstory.

Roux-Dolph is not a gumbo made of Reindeer!!!! Nope. Not. At. ALL.

I want you to know I am laughing while writing this because it is all a bit silly.

So What is Roux-Dolph?

Roux-Dolph is a magical gumbo pot that was created one Christmas Eve by Santa Claus himself.

Santa was flying over the swamps of Louisiana when he found himself a little hungry.

A little girl named Viola Marie heard Santa’s belly rumble loudly and offered him some of her family’s gumbo. Santa loved the gumbo so much, that he ended up eating the whole pot. This made Viola Marie pretty upset (she loved that gumbo too!) So Santa used a little bayou magic and created a very special gumbo pot that never ran out.

He placed a celery stick in one side of the pot, and a wooden spoon in the other. Then he placed a red nose on it and named it “Roux-Dolph.”

You can read the entire Legend of Roux-Dolph HERE.

Creating New Traditions

My hope is that Roux-Dolph, and the legend of Roux-Dolph, become a new part of holiday traditions all over Louisiana (and the world).

I am planning on illustrating the story at some point and would love to make it a children’s book.

I am also working on making our own “Roux-Dolph” Roux, and a cookbook to expand our current kitchen line.

But I need your help! Please tell all your friends about Roux-Dolph, and share this blog, or pictures of your Roux-Dolph towels and mugs! Check out my new Roux-Dolph art.

Thank you always for your love and support!

~Kelly Airhart