My Family Went to The Shreveport Aquarium

Yesterday my family and I took a trip to Shreveport to use our annual passes at The Shreveport Aquarium.

While the aquarium itself is on the small size, it makes up for its size in experiences! The aquarium is home to over “300 species and 1,000 animals.”

One of our favorite things about this aquarium is how “hands-on” it is.

Their mission statement is, “Our mission is to create thoughtful, impactful and sometimes unexpected interactions and experiences that inspire the protection of the aquatic world both close to home and far away.”

Yesterday we had the unexpected experience of a fire alarm going off while in the building.

But there was no reason to panic.

The staff was very professional at leading us out of the building quickly and efficiently. Shortly after we were led out, we learned that it was just a false alarm and we quickly returned to our activities.

One of my favorite things about The Shreveport Aquarium is all the touch tanks!

There is a pacific northwest tank with starfish, anemones, and more cool little creatures.

untitled image

There is also a sting ray tank, with the option to feed the stingrays (for an additional charge).

My absolute favorite touch tank is the jellyfish touch tank. It was closed yesterday so I don’t have any pictures to share, but I think it’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.

You see, I was TERRIFIED of jellyfish before this touch tank entered my life.

Like, it’s probably an irrational fear, but I was more afraid of jellyfish than sharks.

So when I was able to learn more about these creatures and TOUCH one, it made me feel a little like I was a little bit of a rebel, I’m not going to lie.

Also, I’ve NEVER visited a place before where you could touch a jellyfish until we went to The Shreveport Aquarium.

Overall, I really feel like this tiny aquarium packs a big punch. It is fun, interactive, and educational. Great for the whole family.

untitled image

I hope you are enjoying your day. Don’t forget to have a little fun!

Lots of love!

Kelly Airhart

Artist and Creator of Roux-Dolph & Co