Creating New Traditions

A few years ago, I made a little watercolor painting of a gumbo pot for a family Christmas Card. I never ended up sending out those Christmas cards…

Instead, I put the idea on a t-shirt and sold like maybe 5 t-shirts.

THEN, someone suggested putting it on a tea towel, and just like that my little gumbo pot “Roux-Dolph” took off! I’ve sold thousands of Roux-Dolph towels all over the state of Louisiana (and all over the United States)!

Now, I am putting that little gumbo pot at the front of a new business, and I couldn’t be any more excited. I’d love for you to share in the excitement and spread the word about Roux-Dolph & Co.

Walt Disney has a famous saying, “It all started with a mouse.” Well for me, it all started with a little Roux.

Let this little Gumbo Pot be the start of something that continues to bring joy throughout the years.

Thank you always for your love and support.

~Kelly Airhart

The creator of Roux-Dolph the Gumbo Pot